Whatever Federation



It’s been almost a year since the first session of The Truth, The Eye and The Beholder began. I still don’t know how in the world almost 12 months passed since then. And since I’m the boring one in every company, I’m putting up the things that haven’t been explored yet:

— What exactly pushed Sir Barchibold to quit the Watch and why does he have a stash of gold of ridiculous amount

— Sir Jundus counts as a nobleborn, yet somehow he didn’t meet his parents/family members during the march to the cremation site after the Siege of Nede

— We all know the story of Maroo being rescue by Marv when she was 6 months old and then she was given to the bears. But how exactly did those two reunite and come to safeguarding the caravans together?

— King Doran doesn’t have a queen and supposedly doesn’t have an heir. This is plain bad in terms of succession.

— Please investigate Deadmaster Cid’s death

— Is Kera’s death connected to everything that has been happening?

— What exactly had bound Nina, a cleric, to kitchen duties at the Royal Castle?

— Vael’s and Cody’s relationship (friendly rivalry or sibling rivalry? One time it was slightly said that Cody is Vael’s brother. Very slightly)

— The ghostly wolf that Maroo somehow swallowed (there must’ve been some consequences)

If I remember anything else, I’ll put it up.